1980/1981 Schweppes Cup
Llandovery 10 v 18 Waunarlwydd
13 September 1980 - Castle Fields, Llandovery

Match Report

Llandovery 10 – 18 Waunarlwydd

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Llandovery R.F.C., celebrating the centenary year, entertained Waunarlwydd in the W.R.U. Schweppes Cup.

Waunarlwydd, assisted by a strong wind, gained a territorial advantage in the first quarter, but Llandovery came back strongly and Elfyn Jenkins scored a fine corner try which Carwyn Williams converted from the touchline.

Andrew Hutchings kicked two penalty goals before half-time to bring the scores level.

The second half was dominated by a fine display of accurate kicking by newcomer Andrew Hutchings who added four penalty goals in quick succession to put the score beyond the reach of the home side. Towards the end, Llandovery rallied and an incisive break by Geraint Williams led to an unconverted try by Eirian Jones, a score which came too late.

2nd report

A few of centenary-celebrating Llandovery’s players and supporters must have been wondering just what you have to do to win a rugby match after their Schweppes cup defeat at the hands of Waunarlwydd last Saturday.

And followers of Carwyn James's creed that the game's points scoring system should be changed were given fodder for arguments as the home team scored two tries to nil, and still lost by 18 points to 10.

The reason for the defeat - six superbly struck penalties by Andrew Hutchings in reply to tries from Elfyn Jenkins and Eirian Jones, one of which was converted by Carwyn Williams.

Carwyn James has suggested that all tries should be worth six points, and in order to achieve this, all tries scored outside the 15 yards line should have conversions taken from the line. And tries scored inside the line should have conversions taken from in front of the posts.

Others have suggested reducing the points for a penalty to two, in which case the result of this match would have been a 12-10 win for Waunarlwydd, providing Carwyn Williams had missed the conversion of one of the tries under the "conversion zone" rule. Of course, the game would have been a tie if the conversion went over.

There are many suggestions as to how the scoring could be made fairer, if indeed the present system can be deemed unfair. All I can ask is what do you think?


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