Player Records In A Season

  Player Season Conversions  
  Stuart Harries 2001/2002 80  
  Gareth Jones 2002/2003 76  
  Jack Maynard 2016/2017 65  
  Jack Maynard 2017/2018 60  
  Jack Maynard 2015/2016 57  
  Cerith Rees 2009/2010 55  
  Peter Lloyd 1999/2000 48  
  Stuart Hancox 1998/1999 47  
  Cerith Rees 2010/2011 42  
  James Garland 2014/2015 41  

Latest News

  • Llandovery Team v Bridgend


    The Llandovery team for Saturday’s Away Premiership game v Bridgend, kick off 2:30 pm

  • Llandovery 24 RGC 32


    Each side had won three of the six games that have been played since RGC’s promotion into the Premiership but this was deservedly the North Walians’ day at Church Bank writes Huw S Thomas

  • Scrum V Autumn Internationals


    Scrum V are asking that all Principality Premiership clubs be part of their audience during the Autumn Internationals.

  • Supporters bus to Bridgend this Saturday


    Seats are available on the supporters bus trip this Saturday to see Bridgend v Llandovery



    Llandovery’s unbeaten run came to an end at the Talbot Athletic Ground when they conceded a late try to Aberavon writes Huw S Thomas